Interior Design

Interior Designers is not a luxury service for only the rich.Everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable in their homes. A place that you are proud of, where you love your quiet time & making memories in and enjoy inviting other into. Something as simple as a furniture re-arrange, adjusting heights of artworks, introducing some texture and natural elements or helping inject colour and your personality is all a space needs to make it feel more finished and a trained eye like Rachael’s can help you with this.

Interior Design doesn’t have to involve all new furniture, it is more about making what you have work to the best of its ability and help them shine. Feeling daunted or paralysed with making a decision is so common in either a new build, renovation or simple room improvement and Rachael can help you feel confident with your choices by providing you with a plan for your space which you can execute in your own time.


No matter what sort of project you have in mind, from large to small, Holm & Wood can take care of everything, right down to the tiniest details. Contact us today to talk about your plans and vision.


Colour is quite possibly the most important element of your interior and exterior design. Let Holm & Wood help you create a personalised colour palette to suit you and the space.


After taking into consideration how a space intends to be used, a furniture plan is a very important first step in the design process. A very handy service during planning stages of a new build or renovation. 

Building and Carpentry Services

You may not always immediately notice details and intricacies in a build, but you would absolutely notice when things are not completed well, which is the big difference between a good builder and a great builder. Mick has such a strong attention to detail and prides himself on the high quality finishing of his work.


The challenge and creativity that comes with renovations, and working together with the owners to combine the old with the new is Mick's strength, along with his friendly and approachable manner and excellent communication skills. 

From 2022 onwards, Mick will be easing back his client work to focus on our own renovation and undertake additional study. He will be available for small carpentry work only. 


Dedicated to fine craftsmanship and detail, clients can expect a solid commitment to quality, strong work ethic, and a friendly and approachable manner to this sometimes daunting undertaking of building and renovating. 


A strong attention to detail means that even the smallest of carpentry jobs will be executed to a high level. From door hanging to new skirting, custom shelving to artwork
hanging and all that is in between.